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Whether it’s a big or small change in your lifestyle, we know that every person has taken an initiative to find ways to combat the elephant that is Climate Change. This detrimental problem will continue to grow and it won't stop unless we each contribute a little to help. Climate change will continue to create a substantial burden for our kids and animals.

Our Passion

CooperShore is more than an apparel brand, it's a lifestyle. We believe that our only life on this earth should be memorable, every second should be enjoyable and activities we love should not be remanded. We started this venture to be proactive, contribute to this battle and inspire future generations to adapt to this lifestyle.

Taking Initiative

5% of total profits will go directly to Nature Conservancy. We have partnered up with an eco friendly packaging company to create compostable packaging that will put your mind at ease. Each package is 100% biodegradable and none of our orders will be associated with plastic whatsoeverCooperShore pledges to annually contribute to remarkable non-profits that have taken the extra mile in actively executing solutions in cleaning our irreplaceable home.

Head over to to read more about the global charity that is Nature Conservancy. Read about their contributions and find opportunities to volunteer!
Leave your own positive footprint!

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