Leaving a Memorable Footprint Instead of a Carbon One

Leaving a Memorable Footprint Instead of a Carbon One

The Footprint you Leave Behind 

Do you ever wonder about the carbon foot print we leave behind in a single day? To put things into perspective. The average carbon footprint a person in the United States generates is a whopping 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world. Based on recent studies, globally, the average person creates 4 tons a day. Based on scientific estimates, our best chance of avoiding a 2℃ rise in global temperatures, is if each one of us reduces our carbon footprint to under 2 tons by 2050. We understand that lowering an individual carbon footprint from 16 tons to 2 tons wont be an overnight success. We're willing to give it a shot though. If you're a passionate and a go-getter but have no idea where to start... continue down reading. 

Little Steps Leave a Big Trace

We're not advising you to become a caveman and roast wieners by a fire every night! We only got one life and we should enjoy the amenities earth has to offer. This of course comes with limitations and boundaries. It's always better to give though, thus if the earth has given us all these gifts, it is only fair if each one of us returns the favour. To bring in an analogy to make it interesting, let's take for example, your lovely mother whom has gifted you a brand new car. Soley because she loves you. The only thing she ask in return is for you to keep it clean, take care of it and keep it in one piece. It's a valuable expensive gift and if you were to trash it and wreck it then it no longer becomes what it once was. it becomes invaluable to the next owner. That is much like our earth, we take advantage of the land, ocean and sky. Not taking into consideration the footprint we leave behind to our future generation. Like an old used car, it can be fixed but some cars are extremely worn out that they are better off at the dump. Reducing the carbon footprint we leave behind can immensely impact the future generation and prevent our "car" from going straight to the dump. Let's return the favour and give our children the gift that they deserve.

10 Tips to Leave a Positive Footprint

1. Breakup with plastic straws, never see them again. Use metal ones. (They are cooler)

2. Buy an eco friendly lawn mower. (Gas is overrated)

3. Purchase a hybrid car!

4. Donate to non-profits that contribute positively to the environment.

5. Bike more! (Don't you want strong thighs?)

6. Join a tree planting community. (Trees are your friends)

7. Plastic water bottles need to go. (Stainless-steal is the way to go)

8. See litter on the ground. Pick it up. (Good Karma)

9. Recycle your used clothing. (Donate to the Homeless)

10. Educate your kids and help them adapt to this new lifestyle.

11. Bonus! Do business with companies that empower a eco-friendly business model 

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